macdutton asked:
Hi Chiara, first off, I like pretty much everything I've seen that you've done, whether it's this blog, your Elsannainreallife blog, or TAS. I'll get around to reading the new chapter when I'm less exhausted from work, sorry I haven't yet. Anyway, I was wondering, with your FanFiction name, do you smoke or is it simply relevent to the name?

Sorry I could answer earlier. Well, first I want to thank you! It means a lot that you took your time to read my story, and I am really happy you enjoy what I do. I actually did smoke before, and now I smoke sometimes- it’s not a habit I like to have, or want to do in the future. So it kind of represents me in that way.  But yes, I did smoke until a month ago. Hope everything is alright over there :) 

Anonymous asked:
do you think elsa gets 'turned on' with anna's freckles?







don’t you?

I know I left a life behind, 

but I’m too relieved to grieve

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↳ F r o z e n (2013)

Don't Conceal , Feel , Let them Know

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vanilla extract smells so right but tastes so wrong

just like play doh

And deodorant

and perfume

and soap

life is full of so much deception and trickery


Vanilla extract= smells freaking good tastes like dead bugs. 

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